Your Health and the Barth Piano Studio

Friday, March 13, 2020 by Kathleen Barth | Uncategorized

Dear Piano Families,

In this current climate of uncertainty, I want to reassure you that precautions are being taken to protect everyone’s health. Upon arrival in the studio, students are provided a baby wipe with which to clean their hands, then an application of hand sanitizer. The piano keyboard is sanitized between families, as are the cards, game pieces, and any other manipulatives we may use. Students are doing an excellent job of following the protocol, as well as remembering to cough or sneeze into their elbows. I am not aware of illness of any type currently in any of my studio families.

Thank you to one family who voluntarily stayed home this week when a parent thought they might be coming down with something. It turned out to be a false alarm, but the action was greatly appreciated. Please take care not to send any illness into the studio—we all thank you in advance.

As early as next week I will be ready to begin offering a remote lesson option, available upon request (although it will need to be arranged in advance). I currently plan to use either Skype or FaceTime (your preference), and will be sending instructions on set up and access. There is a learning curve involved, so I’ll ask in advance for your patience. It takes some effort on each end to put everything in place, so we’ll need to be a little flexible with lesson times while this is being implemented, but I believe it will be a good option going forward.

Please watch for updates going forward, and take care.

Kathy Barth

About Kathleen Barth:

Combining her background as a credentialed elementary teacher with a love for making and sharing music, Kathleen provides a high quality musical education in a relaxed and fun environment. Lessons with Kathleen are typically a mixture of serious piano pedagogy interspersed with off-the-bench activities, providing a well-rounded and engaging approach to the serious subject of formal music education.

Kathleen Barth has enjoyed music and playing the piano for many years, and has been sharing her knowledge with students of all ages for almost 20 years.